We are Centhive, a community of people, inseparable at work, play and stay. It starts with the community then us.


Centhive Strategy for the community aims at improving the living conditions and standards of our clients, workers and the community in which we operate in, inspiring customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Centhive Strategy will continually achieve this objective by encompassing projects that are external to the normal business activities of the firm and not directly for purposes of increasing company profit. The projects we undertake aim to have a strong developmental approach and utilize company resources to benefit and uplift communities

We understand our African community; the rich heritage of the people we live and work with, and the humble availability of basic needs to paint the African prestige in developed colours.

Our community programs include:

  • Career guidance to students in institutions of higher learning.
  • Educational training to the youth equipping them with productive skills to help solve unemployment.
  • Environmental protection through green initiatives.
  • Contribution to universal health care initiatives.

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