Find how to thrive in the dominant enterprise sector in Africa by more than 90% of contribution to total number of businesses with a significant influence on GDP growth in most economies.

The SMEs sector is a major job creator in the region and a source of huge amounts of revenue collected by African governments. In our analysis, we agree with general conclusions that the sector is faced with numerous challenges summarized as follows:

  • Financial shortages and lack of financial plans.
  • Little or no expertise knowledge in running SMEs businesses.
  • Government bureaucracies in obtaining business permits and operation licenses.
  • Lack of access to research and development services to help in decision making processes.

We have classified our SME customers in the following categories so that we can understand them better and respond to them in the most fulfilling way possible.

Start Up Businesses

Expanding businesses

Transiting businesses

Due to the diversity of the SMEs sector, we have industry specific services which can be further reduced to client specific by our team of experts.

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